Singapore Airlines Promotion

The airline business is extremely competitive and Singapore Airlines is well known for the promotions that it gives. To increase passenger traffic Singapore Airlines always looks for new and innovative ways for promotions. It also runs promotions with popular TV channels. Whenever Singapore Airlines inaugurates a new route or introduces a new aircraft on a route it runs a promotion. Like it is introducing the biggest wide body aircraft, the Airbus A380 on its Singapore-Frankfurt-New York route from January 12, 2012 and is promoting a low fare on it.

Similarly with the Euro loosing strength in the international financial markets, Singapore Airlines is offering several discounts to passengers bound to and from several popular destinations in Europe. Singapore airlines offers several perks to passengers who travel to and from destinations close by like; Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh City, etc. in conjunction with credit card companies it offers upgrade facilities to passengers who pay with these cards.

The list of perks and promotions offered all year round by Singapore Airlines reads like a luxury travel guide. They include special discounts on holiday packages, special upgrades in dining, accommodation, shopping and lifestyle and entertainment venues. All that you need to do to avail these perks and privileges is to present your boarding card within seven days after your flight at the venues to avail them.

Then there are special boarding privileges that you can avail when you are in transit at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Changi airport is easily one of the most modern, clean and luxurious airports in the world. All you need to do is present your boarding card at the Transit Lounge to avail a host of facilities. You can relax, get a massage, workout, take a shower or if you are just too tired you can take a nap in a proper bed. You can get discounts at the restaurants and shops that abound in the terminals. If your layover is for more than 5 hours, you can take a free tour of the city and visit all the sites. Or you can avail shopping discounts at a large number of stores that have lined up with Singapore Airlines to offer special promotions. You can also visit some of the top restaurants that offer an international variety of cuisines and dine to your heart’s content on a discount. Getting ten to fifteen percent discount on shopping and dining does translate into a lot of savings for passengers who stopover at Singapore Airlines home base at Changi airport.

Singapore Airlines also has in flight promotions and to avail them you need to check the airline’s website or talk to a travel agent. Of course the Singapore Girl has become an icon that is recognized worldwide and associated straight away with Singapore Airlines. Since its launch in 1972 it has become a brand name. Singapore Airlines in-flight service is well reputed and they are known for their courteous service. Of course the airline maintains one of the most modern fleet of aircrafts in the world.