Singapore Airlines Flight Status

Singapore Airlines is the flag carrier of Singapore and operates flights to East Asia, Southeast Asia, Australia, Trans-pacific, and nonstop commercial flights from Singapore to Los Angeles and Newark. Singapore Airlines offers passenger services in 64 cities in 35 countries across five continents. The airline has a fleet of over 100 aircrafts which fly to all the major destinations in the world. Each aircraft has an average life of 6 years. Singapore airlines offer seats in Economy class, Business class and First class.

Airlines flight status is important for passengers to know about the availability of flights and their timings. Singapore airlines maintain an updated database of flight schedule and flight information for the convenience of passengers, which is an indicator of the airline’s standard. Some points which are covered in flight status are air traffic, departure and destinations airports, flight timings, availability of seats and airport facilities.


Singapore Airline flight status can be checked either offline or online. In case you don’t have access to the internet you can check the flight status by going to the airport or visiting a Singapore Airline office or a travel agent. Checking flight status is termed as flight tracking. If you have access to the internet you can go the Singapore Airline website and select flight tracking, then you can follow the website link and use flight tracker online. This process allows passengers to check flights status from wherever they are without having to make phone calls or head to the airport. Passengers can check the arrival or departure of flights. Flight status details are available 48 hours before departure and the terminal number of arriving flights is available 2 hours before a flight’s actual arrival. The airline offers a suite of options on flight alerts. Customers can choose either SMS or email automatically sent on their mobile phones or email. These alerts are based on booked itineraries and are updated every time the customer modifies the booking. These alerts help the customer to check the flight schedule and status whether at the office or at home quite easily, without wasting time and money. Flights departure and arrival time is given accurately in alerts and in trackers. Singapore airline can even give flight status information if the customer does not know the flight number. The flight tracker can give exact time of departure and arrival of flight, and from the list of flights the customer can check the flight he or she is tracking. If one of the airports is not on the drop down menu, customers still can bring up flight tracker information by typing the 3 letters airport code. In the flight status search page the departure and arrival columns are given, followed by the destination column, airline column and then flight number. Customers are required to enter some data to get accurate results. The flight status information is always right, but in case of an emergency, or weather fluctuation, or for any other reason this status can change