Singapore Airlines Careers

Singapore Airlines right from its inception has focused on providing comfortable and punctual flights. It has always maintained the highest quality in air transportation services, which in turn have benefited the share holders.

With a fleet of over 100 aircrafts that fly to more than 60 destinations in more than 30 cities. Today, Singapore Airlines is recognized as a market leader in the air travel industry. Singapore Airlines ‘Singapore Girl’ has become a well known and respected icon across the travel world. The airline believes in hiring the brightest and dynamic individuals and trains them to achieve the highest level of professional and personal competence.

At the end of fiscal year on 31 March 2011, Singapore Airlines had 21, 534 staff members, amongst them 13, 942 are staff employees, 2,174 are pilots and 6,914 are cabin crew. Singapore Airlines offers bright career prospects to all its employees. The job candidates have to go through rigorous interviews conducted by the airline recruiters before they are offered a job. There are different types of jobs that are offered by Singapore Airline. For ground positions graduate holders can apply for trainee station manager, administrative officers, accountants, IT positions and technical services engineers.


For cabin crews the candidate must be a diploma or degree holder, less than 26 years of age and fluent in English. Females must be 1.58 m in height and males should be 1.65 m. Singapore Airlines also runs a cadet pilots appointment.


Singapore Airlines invests a lot in training new employees. The airline believes in helping to develop and enhance the inherent skills of each individual. There are various courses which are mandatory for the employees which they must attend. Trainings involve classes on public speaking, stress management, etiquettes, passenger handling, service procedures, first aid, etc. employees are also required to attend refresher and new training courses throughout their careers with the airline.


There are plenty of benefits that Singapore Airline offers their employees. Right after working for the airline for 6 months employees are entitled to avail one free round trip ticket to a destination to wherever the airline flies. Besides there is an annual bonus which is quite handsome that’s distributed among the employees. The airline provides medical facilities and insurance cover for their employees. The salary structure is quite handsome as well.


Singapore Airlines tries to hire the best people that they can find from around the globe. The airline prefers to hire cabin crew who are fluent in the language of some countries that the airline flies to. The purpose of this is to facilitate passengers that fly on the airline from that country. The airline is constantly on the lookout for hiring the best people that they can find. After all it’s a leading airline in the world and they believe in providing the best possible services to their passengers. People who get recruited with Singapore Airlines spend their entire careers with it. The reason for this is that the airline takes extremely good care of its employees.