Singapore Airlines Business Class

Offering the ultimate in business travel has always been a hallmark with Singapore airlines. In a number of airlines passengers expect the same types of seats and configuration regardless of the aircraft they are flying in. but that’s not the case with Singapore airlines. Singapore airlines have taken a serious look at the aircraft; the route it will be operating on and then they have gone ahead and had the business class seats designed.

The latest long haul business class seats fitted on the A380 and Boeing 777-300ER are the most spacious in the world. The seats are leather with mahogany trim and each one folds out into a full sized bed. For passengers who want to take a nap or sleep all they need to do is get the flight attendants to unfold the seat and make a nice comfortable bed for them. Passengers don’t miss their sleep and arrive at their destinations fully rejuvenated.

Singapore airlines operate the all business class flights daily to New York and Los Angeles on the Airbus A340-500. The aircrafts are fitted with hundred award winning business class seats. Each seat measures 30 inches across and provides passengers the ultimate in onboard space and privacy. A private workspace with the latest connectivity and the intelligent mood lighting allows each passenger to work or relax depending on their mood. Connect you iPod or laptop and listen and watch your own choice of music or movies, or select from a wide range of entertainment. If you want to stretch your legs, you can walk over to the snack counter and socialize while helping yourself to snacks and drinks.

The medium haul business class has a 2-2-2 seat configuration. The seats are upholstered in premium class leather and are ergonomically designed. You can recline the seat for maximum comfort and it has an adjustable head rest and lumbar support. Of course you can work or just unwind in the business class and you can power up your laptop to work or select from a huge variety of onboard entertainment to relax.

The business class on the Boeing B777 200 ER and B747-400 aircrafts of Singapore airlines in a distinct aubergine color which is very soothing. The seats transform into a 27 inches wide 78 inches long fully inclined bed. Both the armrests can be fully deployed downwards. Of course the facilities of working or enjoying in flight entertainments options are there and passengers can select from movies, popular TV programs and music albums.

The onboard meals served in business class by Singapore airlines are of course in a class of their own. Business class passengers are provided all the amenities and comforts that they are used to. Meals are served on Givenchy designed tableware and the world’s best chefs prepare the meals that are served on board. Singapore airlines have mastered the art of looking after their business class passengers very well. That’s why business travelers to the Far East prefer to travel by Singapore airlines, because they know they will get preferential treatment.